VST CoffeeTools™ for iPad

VST CoffeeTools™ for iPad®

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Comprehensive Measurement and Analysis Tools for the Coffee and Espresso Beverage and Coffee Equipment Design Industry


Based on MoJoToGo Best new Product Educational and Training

Specialty Coffee Association of America EXPO 2010 


Universal Brewing Control Chart Software

For Coffee, Espresso, Cupping and Equipment Design (all modes included) 



  • VST CoffeeTools™ for iPad is a comprehensive design and measurement application for coffee and espresso professionals, brewing equipment designers, baristas and coffee enthusiasts.  Fully functional with or without a coffee refractometer (add measurement data with a refractometer).
  • Design by Direct Touch Screen Data Entry to Chart – Drag-and-Drop: Just touch the chart at the TDS & Extraction point desired, enter Beverage amount – VST CoffeeTools does all the rest. Automatically computes recipes and detailed results for any size or method of brewing using Beverage, Brew Water or Ground Coffee amounts.
  • Scale any recipe instantly in any mode or configuration.
  • Convert any recipe regardless of brewing method, including conversion of drip>>infusion or infusion>>drip recipes.
  • All extraction yield calculations are normalized for brew water temperature, brew method, CO2 and moisture content and retained liquid. Normalized charting ensures that taste characteristics are plotted similarly regardless of preparation method for coffee, cupping and espresso.  
  • Full design details and net results are provided, including liquid retained and spent weights, as well as accurate beverage amount computations. 
  • Full conversions are provided in all units of volume & weight, metric & U.S. Standard (English) systems.
  • Independent inputs are provided for measurement data and are plotted along with design data on same chart.
ANALYSIS ON THE GO – VST CoffeeTools™ is a virtual LAB in the field
  • Designed for portable or laboratory use, VST CoffeeTools consists of a powerful set of Coffee and Espresso analysis tools for computer-free determinations of strength and extraction. 
  • Outstanding educational tool for teaching the basics of coffee chemistry.
  • Support for sharing, printing (iOS6 required) eMail across iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX versions.
  • Saved Measurements and Calculations include TDS, Extraction Yield, Dose, Brew Water, Beverage amounts, Brew Time or Shot Time, Brew Method (all methods supported), Pressure, Temperature, Pre-Infusion, Grinder/Setting, Roaster, Roast Date, Roast Style, Farm/Farmer, Barista Name/Notes, Tasting Score and much more.
  • Measurements can be eMailed directly via CONTACTs and shared with customers, clients and colleagues for quick, detailed communication of all parameters.


Available directly from the Apple iTunes APPs Store:  

APPs >> Search >> VST CoffeeTools from your iPad

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