VST CoffeeTools™ for iPhone & iPod Touch

NEW version Updated Nov 21, 2013 - v1.3 for iPhone®, iPad & iPod Touch®

Compatibility with VST CoffeeTools™ for iPad, Mac OSX, CO2 & Moisture, iPhone 5 iOS 7 updates

Comprehensive Measurement and Analysis Tools for the Coffee and Espresso Beverage and Equipment Design Industry

Best new Product Educational and Training Specialty Coffee Association of America 2010 

New KeyPad data entry for trouble-shooting pre-existing protocols, independent preferences for all Drip and Infusion brewing methods, import/export of coffee/espresso databases


    Coffee Mode         $29 

    Espresso Mode    $29

  • VST CoffeeTools™ is a comprehensive application for coffee and espresso professionals, brewing equipment designers, baristas and enthusiasts. MoJoToGo will compute the correct brew formula for virtually method of brewing coffee or espresso, and when combined with a VST Coffee Refractometer, will compute extraction yield, brew formulas and provide measurements critical for making fast, accurate  adjustments needed to eliminate taste defects and dial-in your brewing parameters. Measurements and recipes can be saved, and shared via eMail directly from the iPhone contacts directory. Cafes, restaurants, roasters can maintain standards in the field, and eMail geotagged measurements directly from site locations.
ANALYIS ON THE GO – VST CoffeeTools is a virtual LAB in the field
  • Designed for portable or laboratory use, VST CoffeeTools™ consists of a powerful set of Coffee and Espresso analysis tools for computer-free determinations of strength and extraction. Dialing-in brew recipes no longer requires having separate refractometers, and a Notebook or PC on site. Now, just use a single refractometer and iPhone for all applications.
  • Measurements and Calculations can be saved as custom recipes, which include TDS, Extraction Yield, Dose weight, Brew Water or Beverage Weight, Brew Time or Shot Time, Brew Method, Pressure, Temperature, Pre-Infusion, Grinder/Setting, Roaster, Roast Style, Farm/Farmer, Barista Name/Notes and much more.
  • Measurements can be eMailed directly via CONTACTs and shared with customers, clients and colleagues for quick, detailed communication of all parameters to replicate that perfect cup or shot.
  • Measurements use GeoTags and may be linked to MAPs to provide driving or walking directions to friends sharing measurements on any iPod® Touch or iPhone®.

Available directly from the Apple iTunes APPs Store:  

APPs >> Search >> VST CoffeeTools from your iPhone

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