Upgrade to VST CoffeeTools™ for Windows v4

$49.00 - $149.00

UPGRADE to VST CoffeeTools™ 4.0 for Windows

 UPGRADE to VST CoffeeTools™ v4.0 from previous versions of VST CoffeeTools or eMoJo for Windows.

Requires Windows 10 or later

Includes all Coffee (Drip & Immersion), Cupping and Espresso Modes 

Single-User License includes 2 seats (5- and 10-Seats available at discount)

ELECTRONIC DOWNLOAD via eMail: Instructions sent w/in 24-48 hrs of payment gateway confirmation

IMPORTANT: To be eligible for the upgrade you must install and register your previous version; or send your previous KEY with your upgrade order number to: records@vstapps.com

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